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Womens Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment Engaged the community while providing employment opportunities, home ownership programs and insurance resources. This Event focused on healing, providing a safe haven for domestic violence survivors.This event circulated around female entrepreneurship and supported families subjected to the effects of incarceration.


Facing the Truth

This show is used as a platform for the voices of the oppressed to be heard. We discuss issues that affect society but more specifically the families of the incarcerated. This show provides resources in criminal and civil rights. My guest included holistic practitioners, advocates against mass incarceration civil & criminal attorneys. I have also had people that effected changes in legislation, organizations in justice reform, re-entry programs .


Kairos Showcase

“Kairos” is a showcase that  includes local musicians, Indie artists, Poets & Multi talented individuals showcase their talents ,These showcases brought awareness to social injustice in marginalized communities.

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