Pure Legacee

Pure Legacee is an

alternative to incarceration for girls that are directly impacted by the criminal justice system. We also provide alternative housing for young women that are aging out of foster care that are facing homelessness. This organization was founded in 2018 , providing services for girls 16 to 21

years of age. We have residential placement, licensed counseling, mentoring training programs, and

community organizing. Pure Legacee Inc. was founded by Naquasia Pollard, in 2018. The programs overall goals are to reduce the recidivism rate of young women being incarcerated.


wrongful Conviction


Ricardo Marsden  is an innocent man charged with MURDER in the second degree. Detectives confined him to a room where  he was beaten and interrogated for the better part of 23 hours. Despite this traumatic experience he would not confess to a crime he didn’t commit. He was  later given a trial where his Due Process Rights, were VIOLATED. Prosecutors & Experts LIED and bolstered their testimony to match the D. A’s theory while his trial attorney offered no defense representation.  The Honorable Meryl Berkowitz entrusted to ensure justice, sat by while the agents of the court miscarried it.


Womens Empowerment

These Empowerment events  provided employment opportunities, home ownership programs as well as insurance resources. Criminal and civil attorney’s were also present to offer legal assistance for their loved ones. These events circulated around female entrepreneurs and advocates against domestic violence. to further assist the women of the incarcerated ,Reentry advocates and criminal justice organization were also present with their resources . These events are filled with high energy, love , opportunities and support for women .


Facing the Truth

This show is used as a platform for the voices of the oppressed to be heard. We discuss issues that affect society but more specifically the families of the incarcerated. This show provides resources in criminal and civil rights. My guest included holistic practitioners, advocates against mass incarceration civil & criminal attorneys. I have also had people that effected changes in legislation, organizations in justice reform, re-entry programs .


Kiaros Moment Showcase

Which is a showcase formulated to bring awareness to mass incarceration in New York. At these events I had local musicians, Indi artist, poets showcase their talents on behalf of bringing awareness to end mass incarceration