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We Are Each Gifted In A Unique And Important Way. It Is Our Privilege And Our Adventure To Discover Our Own Special Light.


Makini's Story 

Makini Bruce-Marsden was born in Brooklyn NY to mother author & philanthropist  Marlyn A,Haynes- Bruce and father  Real estate mogul/ entrepreneur Elton A bruce. She is the youngest of five children and spent most of her childhood living in Long Island & Queens NY. She is a wife ,mother,advocate ,philanthropist and the CEO of consulting company “Bidder-Sweet”. Her journey to entrepreneurship began in 2015 where Bidder- Sweet launched its first showcase called “Kairos Moments''. This project was held in brooklyn New York, bringing awareness to wrongful convictions & MASS INCARCERATION. The success of this project led to several more showcases,the spark of “Kairos Moments' 'ignited her passion for advocating from her own experience with being indirectly affected by incarceration. Makini’s passion in Community Engagement & Public Relations led to her organizing various women's Empowerment events. Her motivation for women's empowerment originated from the lack of support she recieved while bringing awareness to her husband's wrongful conviction. After feeling the effects of being ostracized by what she knew as family, friends ,church & community, she vowed to make every effort to create a safe haven for professional established women that happen to be affected by prison.She creatively expressed communication through blogging and podcasts. In 2018 she Launched her own Radio/podcast show called “Facing the truth”,with DTF Radio. This show highlighted the criminal justice system and gave a voice to those affected by incarceration.The show featured many activists ,advocates,holistic practitioners,attorneys,former prosecutors , formerly incarcerated and black business owners. “Facing the Truth'' helped bridge the gap in understanding  marginalized communities. She strives to Educate the masses on how systematic racism and how mass incarceration correlates with generational genocid in these communities. As a mother to a son whose father is wrongfully convicted she understands how incarceration limits a child's emotional development from an early age. As she continues her journey, she has obtained partnerships with nonprofit organizations and corporations that are dedicated to rebuilding the community on a grassroots level. These partnerships have provided opportunities to mentor young teens, and provide financial alternatives for low income communities.Prior to her involvement in the justice industry she was involved in urban fashion as a model and designer. She later put her passion on hold to focus on supporting her then spouse who was deployed to Afghanistan by the United States army. In 2010 she moved to Bamberg, Germany,and waited for her spouse's return. As excited as she was to have her family she later realized she would never receive her happy ending as her spouse returned with PTSD. She silently faced abuse as she was publicly and privately humiliated. Shortly after they were both sent back to the states where she used that opportunity to regain her independence. They were reassigned to Fayetteville NC where she worked diligently maintaining three jobs to strategically plan her escape. As Her independence slowly became a trigger to her alcoholic driven spouse, she found herself fighting for the last fight of her life. It took several infadelties countless fights ,one miscarriage,and a near death experience for her to break free from the emotional  & Physical abuse. The thought of her mother receiving a phone call that her daughter died ,is what gave her the strength to fight that last fight. That day she realized God sent her strong women from her job to help her get out of that marriage and stay out of it. She later moved out on her own and relearned who Makini was.  She began her healing journey her house became a safe haven for military wives that also faced abuse. She fed and sheltered these women on her own account and provided them job opportunities to start their healing process. Upon returning to NY to support her mother with stage four cancer. She embarked on a spiritual healing journey where she reconnected with her current husband Ricardo Marsden. Makini’s determination to go against all odds led her to act as her own attorney to file her own divorce from her former abuser. She continues to help build and empower women and young girls that struggle with self worth. 

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