Makini Marsden is a lifestyle blogger , Advocate, Women's Empowerment Organizer, Radio Host, Brand Ambassador, advocate against domestic violence and Public Relations consultant.


Bidder- Sweet is a consulting agency that serves Non Profit organizations ,small business and law firms in need of campaign management  specifically in wrongful convictions. we specialize in web development, community engagement, Social media management , communications ,Branding and campaign Management .Bidder-Sweet was inspired by the desire to Engage with the community by educating the public on how Mass incarceration affects families and the youth of tomorrow. Makini's passion for organizing,Advocacy  and orchestrating events lead her to servicing people that have been impacted by the justice system. As a minority indirectly affected by the prison system , she does her best to be a voice for the voiceless. Utilizing Her marketing & Organizing background to spread awareness to wrongful convictions & prison alternatives as we continue to bridge the gap between the two worlds. By working fully in Her craft she was able to successfully execute several showcases, community events ,podcast shows and fundraisers for various Non Profits. The positive impact on our communities continues to be a driving factor for Bidder-sweet. Our Goal is to be impactful and inspire positive changes in society as we all continue to fight for reformative actions collectively.

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Who is Makini ?

Makini is a New York Native with a passion and drive for communication & Connecting   the right people together .  Networking in the industry of Justice reform became a lifestyle as she fought to bring awareness for her husbands Wrongful Conviction.Throughout her search for justice she had the privilege of working with various Companies and Organizations, continuing to  bringing awareness to Mass Incarceration !



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